Mizushima Hiro

So Mizushima Hiro has apparently left his agency (Ken-On) to pursue a writing career. There is, of course, debate as to whether his agency let him go or he left willingly. I'll vote for the latter. While, yes, his agency was upset by his "secret marriage" to Ayaka and it's dangerous to piss your talent agency off (just ask Suzuki Ami), I feel like they would have let him go well before now. His popularity has only increased since then. It seems like a foolish choice to let him go (but since when has Japan ever really been concerned with making sense?).

I for one, wish him luck. I won't really miss him. While yes, he is a pretty face (those are dime a dozen) I never was all that impressed by his acting.
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I just finished watching Hanazakari no Kimi-tachi e (HanaKimi for short, "For You in Full Bloom" in English). I was reluctant to watch the show for a long while, however, it came strongly recommended from my friend Mao (read: she wouldn't stop hounding me until I watched it) so I eventually caved and watched it. Her recommendations haven't been wrong yet, I enjoyed this one too.

My thoughts...

- I still don't like Horikata Maki. I found Mizuki to unforgivably bland and I blame her lackluster performance. As I do with many shows, I again found myself asking...why are these boys falling for her? She came across as a creepy stalker for most of those...but...if that's some how endearing..., I guess I'll never understand.
- After seeing him get the shaft in HanaDan, I was happy to see Shun get the girl in this one. (Tsukushi x Rui >>>>>>> Tsukushi x Domyouji)
- I'm going to add Yamamoto Yusuke to my list. I want one.
- The doctor was only gay because he was afraid of/hated women. Once he stopped being afraid of women he would therefore consider a relationship with stalker photo bitch? WTF. That part pissed me off. "Oh...gay people are just 女嫌い, they'll get over it eventually."
- Ha! The Special confirmed it. Shirota Yuu's character was hot for Sano!
- Oscar grew on me. He's very over the top (as are most characters in the show) which is why I disliked him at first. It's also why I ended up liking him.
- Hibari should die in a fire.
- So should stalker photo bitch. You're 30...stop drooling after and photographing high school boys.
- The special was too long (by the time the soccer match came along I stopped caring)...but...I enjoyed seeing Sano all giddy when he realized he was falling for Mizuki. He's usually so stoic in all his roles, it was good to see him break out of that a bit.
- Not surprisingly but the cast cross dresses really well. Mizushima Hiro makes a cute girl. Horikata Maki, on the other hand, does not.
- 2 guys from スーパー戦隊 were in this (BoukenRed and Go-On Red). I was pleased.
- Nakatsu gains points for truly not caring if Mizuki were a guy...well...eventually. Though sometimes he got really annoying with all of his needless spazzing. He needed to calm the fuck down.
- Sano can't forgive his father for abandoning him and his brother when their mother died...so he abandons his brother. Okay...that makes sense.

What to watch next?
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Wedding Planner ~Sweet Delivery~

I just finished the J-Drama "Wedding Planner." It was pretty good. Pretty standard fare as far as romance dramas are concerned. Two reluctant leads (the unlucky in love, heart on his sleeve male with the painfully obstinate female) eventually fall in love with each other.

My first and last impressions of female lead, Kanako, were "insufferable bitch." I warmed to her in the middle but she treated the male lead, Toru, excessively bad. I don't know why Toru was so attracted to a woman who was constantly undercutting and belittling him (perhaps he had a bit of a mother complex). Though if you was me Toru was in it more for Taku (Kanako's son) than he was for Kanako herself.

Kanako's ex, Tachibana, was the perfect plot device - Absent for years, with presumably no contact with his son (I'm guessing since on a few occasions Taku was asked if he even recognized his father), he re-appears with a new wife and demands for full custody only to disappear as soon as the leads declare their luke-warm affection for each other. Within the context of the story though: He was a truly shitty father. The only reasons he cited for wanting custody of Taku were: [Kanako] can't handle being a mother and working at the same time (which begs the question, if you thought that all along how come you left the kid with her in the first place) and that his new wife is a kindergarten teacher and loves kids (which I interpreted as: he doesn't want to have to deal with raising another infant so he remembers that his has a 10-ish year old son out there that he can use to quell new-wife's maternal urges), something about his future and going to school (which he apparently needs 2 parents for). He never stated he's my son and love him or anything of the sort.

In the end, Kanako and Toru (of course!) get married (in a field). I was bothered that his family wasn't there. I found his family to be incredibly annoying but it doesn't make sense that they wouldn't be there.

Also...what was up with that random group therapy session bit? I didn't get why it was there. Is Toru being in some sort of bizarre cult like therapy session supposed to make him seem slightly creepy/extremely pathetic? Because that's what it did. I understand that it served as an outlet for Toru to vent his problems and provide some comic relief...but it was just distracting. If they wanted Toru to have a place for that how about a regular shrink? Or hell, why not Shuhei? The two seemed to have a solid friendship, why not play it up?

I also enjoyed seeing Tsumabuki Satoshi & Abe Hiroshi in it! Eye candy such as this can only help a drama. Also, hearing Chemistry's "君をさがしてた ~New Jersey United~" twice an episode (it doubled as opening theme and insert song) was highly enjoyable at I love that song. I've even decided that will be playing at my wedding (whenever that ends up being...gotta find Mr. Soulmate first...)

Nothing new here, but still a fun a ride. I'll give it a "B."
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Well...it's been some time since I've last posted. I guess Twitter and FB have filled my need to blog. I keep getting requests to chronicle my apparently witty thoughts and feelings. Perhaps I will get back on the blogging band wagon. Though...it will most likely default to ramblings on J-things.

I just started watching 新参者 (Shinzanmono/Newbie). It's giving some serious Ikebukuro West Gate Park vibes. Nipponbashi seems to be as much a character in this as Ikebukuro was in IWGP. It's also got the bizarre mix of humor and gritty depravity the way IWGP did. Though so far I'd have to say IWGP is better...but I'm not even 1/2 way through the 1st episode. I definitely intrigued and will keep watching. Also, the lead being played by the delicious Abe Hiroshi only helps things.

Also...what is with all the scenes with characters shitting (something else in common with IWGP)? I'm wondering if this will be a recurring thing...or what. All it does is make me think the characters have dirty poo hands (like certain co-workers of mine who shall remain identified only by their tendency to cry)

Related to IWGP, I want to watch another drama with Katou Ai. I enjoy her. I know she isn't a stellar actress but I think she's capable and I have fun watching her. Shame she's not been in much since Umizaru.

東京ラブストーリー Episodes 1 and 2

I started watching Tokyo Love Story last night. The classic J-drama.

It's decent so far. Akana is cute, though I would not be surprised if her peppy demeanor eventually bothers me. Though the way she's able to

Kanji is average. There's nothing about him that really stands out. He's nice and he's held a torch for the same girl since High School. So at least 6 years. After meeting Sekiguchi...I can't help but ask why. I don't see what's so likeable about her. Though...if she continues to show the sparks she did when she told Kenichi off, I may change my opinion of her.

I dislike Keichi. A lot. I don't know if we're supposed to be rooting for him or not. His supposed feelings for Sekiguchi would be more believable if he weren't still chasing around other girls. I suppose the fact that I find him sort of unattractive doesn't help him.

I'm sure he and Sekiguchi will eventually get together. Sekiguchi is more suited for Kanji...they're both sort of boring.

Akana is the only character I really like. Mostly because she's the only one who really stands out and is likeable. Again not that I dislike Kanji and Sekiguchi...I just don't particularly like them.
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New Favorite

I needed to take the moment to gush...

I've been listening to the 80's J-Pop band "Anzen-Chitai" a lot the past few weeks. I must say they are quite good. I've listened to solo work of their vocalist (Tamaki Kouji) before and enjoyed it, for the most part (though sometimes he gets rather weird sounding). They have a rather modern sound for a Japanese 80's band. It doesn't sound like the J-Pop typical of the period, or at least not what I've listened to anyway.
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Never Disappoint

The Local Art has released another great album. "Rocks." Not as many stand-out tracks as last years KiZUNA, but...so far so great. Highly recommended.

Link for those who want to D/L:
(Credit for the link goes to Tak from KMC)

ETA: "Shiawase no Kane" (Track 5) is quite good. I'm listening to album in reverse. 10 first then 9, etc. Just the way it appears in my iTunes "Recently Added" playlist.
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Please Explain

I don't get it. Japan seems to have this fascination with WHAM's "Last Christmas." Each year, there are at least 2 new covers of it released around Christmas time. I just don't get it.

I am horrendously bored in class right now.

Liam is in the shop too. Trying to get to the bottom of his troubles.

Law & Order was awesome last night. I hope this bodes well for the rest of Season 19.

One Life is heating up too...
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Liam (my desktop PC for those not aware of the names of my PC's) has been acting wonky lately. It's not appreciated. He started freezing in the middle of the night on Sunday. Today, he started just crashing. Fantastic. I came very close to buying a new PC at Office Max today actually. But...that particular model has a history of crashing constantly...so...we opted out of that decision. Ugh.

ETA: Upon consulting with my Uncle Jim. He says it sounds like Liam is just shorting out or something like that.
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Someone should tell Kra that their new single, "Ame-Oto wa Chopin ni Shirabe", sounds like porn music at several points. Most notably at the beginning...

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